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Figure 2

From: Perforated duodenal ulcer presenting with a subphrenic abscess revealed by plain abdominal X-ray films and confirmed by multi-detector computed tomography: a case report

Figure 2

Multi-detector contrast-enhanced computed tomography. Axial scans at the level of the upper abdomen are shown. In (A) a huge air-fluid collection (asterisk) can be seen in the right subphrenic space with mild stranding of the surrounding fat (arrow). There are also reactive pericardial and pleural effusions, the latter with associated atelectasia of the right lung base (arrowheads). In (B) the air-fluid collection (asterisk) appears to extend to the perihepatic space. Extraluminal air bubbles can also be detected in the fissure of Teres’ ligament (arrow).

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