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Table 1 Patients with hydrocephalus from aqueductal stenosis from venous lesions (modified from Giannetti et al.)

From: Aqueductal developmental venous anomaly as an unusual cause of congenital hydrocephalus: a case report and review of the literature

Author, Year
Age/Sex Symptoms (duration) Imaging Venous lesion Treatment
Rosenheck, 1937 [16] 58 yo/F Mental deterioration (5 years) Postmortem DVA None
Avman and Dincer, 1980 [10] 35 yo/F Headache (7 years) Ventriculography, CT, and angiography Venous element Stent
Watanabe et al., 1991 [3] 39 yo/M Headache (1 year) CT, MRI, and angiography Venous malformation Shunt
Oka et al., 1993 [7] 43 yo/F Seizures (2 months) CT, MRI, and angiography Venous malformation ETV
Blackmore and Mamourian, 1996 [5] 16 yo/F Headache, behavior changes (2 months) MRI DVA None
Bannur et al., 2002 [4] 11 yo/M Headache (5 months) CT and MRI DVA Shunt
Sato et al., 2004 [2] 28 yo/F Headache, diplopia (N/A) CT, MRI, and angiography DVA ETV
Yagmurlu et al., 2005 [15] 7 yo/F Headache (1 month) MRI DVA None
Giannetti et al., 2008 [8] 42 yo/M Headache, behavior changes (1 year) CT and MRI DVA ETV
  18 yo/M Headache (6 years) CT and MRI Venous loop ETV
Present case Birth/F Full fontanelle, splayed sutures, increased head circumference MRI DVA Shunt
  1. CT, computed tomography; DVA, developmental venous anomaly; ETV, endoscopic third ventriculostomy