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Table 1 Monoclonalities detected by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in the T-cell receptor genes

From: A patient with hypereosinophilic syndrome that manifested with acquired hemophilia and elevated IgG4: a case report

Chain Region to which PCR was applied Bone marrow Peripheral blood
β Chain Vβ/Jβ1,2 Positive Positive
  Vβ/Jβ2 Positive Positive
  Dβ/Jβ Positive Positive
γ Chain Vγ If, Vγ10/Jγ Positive Positive
  Vγ 9, Vγ11/Jγ Positive Positive
δ Chain Vδ/Jδ Positive Marginal
  1. Positive: monoclonality was detected. Marginal: the peak of PCR was noticeable but its height was lower than the positive control. The methodology is described in detail in [21].