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Table 1 Summary of reported cases of radiological occult cancer infiltration of the liver

From: Rapid liver enlargement and hepatic failure secondary to radiographic occult tumor invasion: two case reports and review of the literature

Presenting symptoms Age (years) Prior history of cancer Radiological test Reported findings Other lab test Biopsy/Autopsy results Reference number
Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain 36 Ductal carcinoma 9 months prior CT No abdominal lesions Increased LFTs Breast cancer 3
Anorexia and general fatigue 46 Mycosis fungoides CT and US Normal liver 20-fold increased LFTs Mycosis fungoides 13
Mild fever with elevated LFTs 50 None CT Hepatomegaly Elevated LFTs, low plts and HCT Peripheral T-cell lymphoma 12
Abdominal pain, decreased appetite 54 None CT and US Hepatomegaly and ascites Low HCT Small-cell lung cancer 10
Worsening ascites, jaundice, and hematochezia 54 Breast cancer 9 years prior CT US Probable benign cysts, ascites Elevated LFTs Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma 4
Altered liver test 57 None CT and US Heterogeneous liver parenchyma Thrombocytopenia Breast lobular carcinoma 5
Clinical signs of hepatocellular injury 59 Renal cell carcinoma Liver MRI Hepatomegaly None reported Renal cell carcinoma 14
Anorexia and abdominal distension 62 None US and CT Hepatomegaly and ascites Elevated CA-125 Melanoma 15
Abnormal liver function 62 None CT and MRI Marked liver enlargement, no lesions Increased LFT Small-cell lung cancer 9
Acute hepatic failure 68 None CT scan Negative High LFTs Metastatic prostatic carcinoma. 16
Gastrointestinal hemorrhage 69 None CT No liver metastatic disease LFT elevation Urothelial carcinoma 8
Acute severe hepatic failure 77 T-cell lymphoma CT and US Homogeneous enlarged liver, no ascites Bili 9.1, increase LFTs Small cell carcinoma 11
Infants with hepatosplenomegaly <1 None CT /MRI Liver enlargement No biogenic amines Neuroblastoma 6
  1. Bili = bilirubin; CA = cancer antigen; CT = computed tomography; HCT = hematocrit; LFT = liver function test; plts = platelets; US = ultrasound; MRI = magnetic resonance imaging.