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Table 2 BAC clones used for fluorescent in situ hybridization with its location on the X chromosome

From: Clinical correlation between premature ovarian failure and a chromosomal anomaly in a 22-year-old Caucasian woman: a case report

Clone Band Position FISH resolution
RP11-450P7 Xp11.1 chrX:21,533,785-21,657,970 derX
RP11-21E13 Xp11.1 chrX:57,294,374-57,500,705 derX
RP11-63004 Xq13.3 chrX:73,819,700-73,985,772 derX
RP11-91J20 Xq13.3 chrX:74,412,682-74,572,432 derX
RP11-194N18 Xq13.3 chrX:75,606,737-75,754,256 der14
RP11-28L16 Xq21.1 chrX:76,249,350-76,405,210 der14
RP11-19G6 Xq21.1 chrX:77,789,620-77,954,427 der14
RP11-91G23 Xq21.1 chrX:79,149,705-79,309,977 der14
RP11-336F4 Xq21.1 chrX:83,463,633-83,463,726 der14
RP11-210I11 Xq21.31 chrX:90,459,260-90,599,859 der14
RP11-138B3 Xq22.1 chrX:98,535,557-98,698,689 der14
RP11-265K3 Xq28 chrX:154,603,527-154,763,828 der14
  1. The clones can be displayed on the site of the University of California, Santa Cruz[8]. FISH: fluorescent in situ hybridization.