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Table 1 Literature review

From: Cerebral rheumatoid vasculitis: a case report

Reference Age / Sex Years Pathologic diagnosis Neurological manifestation Treatement Outcome
Pirani and Bennet, 1951[1] 22 Male 16 CP and systemic vasculitis Depressed MS, seizures NR Exitus
Sokoloff and Bunim, 1957[2] 64 Male 30 CP and systemic vasculitis NR GC Exitus
Johnson et al. 1959[3] 37 Female 1 year 8 month CP and systemic vasculitis Seizures GC Exitus
Johnson et al. 1959[3] 63 Male 3 CP and systemic vasculitis Hemiparesis GC Exitus
Steiner and Gellbloom, 1959[4] 62 Male 20 CP vasculitis CN dysfunction, depressed MS GC Exitus
Ouyang et al. 1967[5] 58 Female 30 CP vasculitis Seizures, hemiparesis GC Exitus
Ramos and Mandybur, 1975[6] 63 Male 1 CP and systemic vasculitis Gerstmann syndrome NR Exitus
Watson et al. 1977[7] 54 Female 20 CP vasculitis CN dysfunction, aphasia, hemiparesis, ataxia GC Exitus
Kiss et al. 2006[8] 51 Female 39 CP and systemic vasculitis Hemiparesis GC immunoglobulin Exitus
Rodriguez et al. 2006[9] 49 Female 10 CP vascultis Aphasia, hemianopia GC cyclophosphamide Improvement
Rodriguez et al. 2006[9] 70 Female Recent diagnosis CP vascultis Seizures GC cyclophosphamide Improvement
Mrabet et al. 2007[10] 59 Female 20 CP vascultis Headache, diplopia, and gait disorders High-dose GC cyclophosphamide Improvement
Caballol Pons et al. 2010[11] 71 Female 15 CP vascultis Headache, dysarthria High-dose GC Improvement
Ohno et al. 1994[12] 46 Female 16 CP vasculitis dysarthria and left hemiparesis methotrexate therapy Improvement
Present case 52 Female 9 CP vascultis Headache Intensification MTX therapy Improvement
  1. CN, cranial nerve; CP, cerebral parenchymal; GC, glucocorticoid; MTX, methotrexate; MS, mental status; NR, not reported.