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Table 1 Summary of published studies regarding megacolon management during pregnancy

From: Hypoganglionosis in pregnancy: a case report

Authors (year) Number of patients Gestational age at diagnosis (weeks) Treatment and complications during pregnancy Gestational age at delivery (weeks) Mode of delivery Birth weight (g) Apgar score Obstetric complications Maternal and neonatal outcome
Grasby and Higgins (1955) [1] 3 16 Laxative (senna) No complications 36-40 Forceps extraction NR NR Dystocia caused by fecal impaction; manual removal of the fecaloma Good
Resta et al. (1979) [3] 1 Diagnosis previous pregnancy None 38 Vacuum extractor 3200 8/9 None Good
Hjortrup et al. (1982) [4] 1 33 Temporary sigmoidostomy (because of acute bowel obstruction) 33 Cesarean section 1500 NR None Good
Grossmann et al. (2000) [2] 1 28 Laxative (polyethylene glycol); several episodes of severe constipation requiring manual disimpaction Term Normal vaginal delivery NR NR None Proctocolectomy three months postpartum
  1. NR: not referred.