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Table 1 Case reports of secondary malignancy following stereotactic radiosurgery

From: Radiation-induced glioma following CyberKnife® treatment of metastatic renal cell carcinoma: a case report

Reference Patienta Indication for radiation Location of primary lesion Latency period Secondary malignancy Location of secondary lesion
Comey 1998 [14] 44M VS Cerebellopontine angle 5 years Triton tumor Cerebellopontine angle
Noren 1998 [15] 18Fb VS Cerebellopontine angle 6 years Triton tumor Cerebellopontine angle
Thomsen 2000 [16] 19Fb VS Cerebellopontine angle 6 years Meningosarcoma Cerebellopontine angle
Yu 2000 [17] 70F Meningioma Occipital region 7 years GBM Occipital lobe
Kaido 2001 [18] 20M AVM Right parietal lobe 6.5 years GBM Right parietal lobe
Shamisa 2001 [19] 57F VS Cerebellopontine angle 7.5 years GBM Inferior temporal lobe
Bari 2002 [20] 30Fb VS Cerebellopontine angle 3.5 years Malignant nerve sheath tumor Cerebellopontine angle
Salvati 2003 [11] 66F Cavernoma Right frontal region 13 years GBM Right frontal, corpus callosum
Shin 2002 [21] 26F VS Cerebellopontine angle 6 years Malignant nerve sheath Cerebellopontine angle
McIver 2004 [22] 43F Metastatic melanoma Left parietal parasagittal region 5.3 years Anaplastic astrocytoma Cerebellum
Sanno 2004 [23] 53F Meningioma Falx cerebri 5 years Osteosarcoma Right parietal lobe
Sheehan 2006 [1] 7M AVM Right basal ganglia 12 years Assumed meningioma (?) Right lateral middle cranial fossa
Sheehan 2006 [1] 16F AVM Right temporal 10 years Assumed meningioma (?) Right temporal lobe
Balasubramaniam 2007 [24] 64Fb AVM Cerebellopontine angle 5 years GBM Right temporal lobe
Berman 2007 [25] 34F AVM Pineal region 9 years GBM Corpus callosum and/or right parietal lobe
Carlson 2009 [26] 15Fb AVM Bilateral posterior fossae 10 years Rhabdomyosarcoma Inferior right medulla and cerebellomedullary cistern
  1. aage at time of radiation.
  2. bpatient with neurofibromatosis 2.
  3. Abbreviations: AVM arteriovenous malformation, F female, GBM glioblastoma multiforme, M male, VS vestibular schwannoma.