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Table 2 Literature review of cases with extremely high serum ferritin

From: Hepatic tuberculosis presenting with extreme hyperferritinemia masquerading as adult-onset Still’s disease: a case report

Ref. Sex/Age Clinical features Labs Ferritin Diagnosis
[17] M/23y Fever WBC 5800/ mm3 13,547 HIV with milliary TB
[18] F/40d Fever WBC 2400/ mm3 25,534 Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis
[19] M/77y Cardiac arrest ALT; 4410IU/L 10,740 Acute hepatic damage
[19] M/75y Fever, hypotension ALT;2530 IU/L 46,500 Septicemia
    Iron: 12umol/L Tr.: 40%   
[19] F/64y Liver transplant ALT;5790IU/L 42,510 Post-operative Hepatic ischemia
    Iron: 49 umol/L Tr. : 79%   
[19] F /59y Liver transplant ALT;1790IU/L Iron 26 umol/L Tr.t: 45% 15,100 Post-operative hepatic ischemia
[19] F/61y Cardiac catheterization ALT : 2510IU/L 23,200 Dissection of coronary arteries and hypotension
[20] F/49y PUO Hepatosplenomegaly Pleural effusion Rash;erythema-multiform Leucocytosis DIC Hemophagositic-syndrome 240,000 Breast carcinoma Paraneoplastic syndrome
  1. ALT alanine aminotransferase, DIC disseminated intravascular coagulation; F female; M male, PUO pyrexia of unknown origin, Ref reference, Tr transferrin saturation, WBC total white blood cells.