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Table 1 Yamaguchi criteria

From: Hepatic tuberculosis presenting with extreme hyperferritinemia masquerading as adult-onset Still’s disease: a case report

Major criteria  
· Fever ≥39°C (one week or longer)
· Arthralgia and/or arthritis (two weeks or longer)
· Non-pruritic, pink, macular or maculopapular rash, usually during febrile episodes (evanescent, salmon-pink rash)
· Leucocytosis (>10,000mmol/L, >80% neutrophils)
Minor criteria  
· Pharyngitis
· Lymphadenopathy and/or splenomegaly
· Liver involvement (raised serum transaminases and/or lactate dehydrogenase)
· Negative rheumatoid factors and antinuclear antibodies
  1. Diagnosis of adult-onset Still's disease needs five or more of the diagnostic criteria listed above, of which two must be major criteria.