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Figure 1

From: Spontaneous closure of stage IV idiopathic full-thickness macular hole and late reopening as a lamellar macular hole: a case report

Figure 1

Cirrus optical coherence tomography (OCT) scan. (a) Scan at first visit, showing a stage IV full-thickness idiopathic macular holes (FTMH). The basal and minimal macular hole diameters were 460 μ and 60 μ, respectively. Clear irregularity of the junction of inner and outer segments of photoreceptors (IS/OS) and a small epiretinal membrane (ERM) can be observed. (b) Scan at the third month follow-up visit, revealing a closed macular hole, and a cystic space that represents the bridging effect. A disruption of the photoreceptor layer can also be appreciated. The basal diameter of the cystic space is 464 μ, and the height of the elevation 124 μ.

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