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Table 2 Review of pediatric cases with GTS

From: Ovarian germ cell tumors with rhabdomyosarcomatous components and later development of growing teratoma syndrome: a case report

  Number of patients reported Original tumor site Age at diagnosis Original pathology Follow up
Kong DS et al [14] six intracranial Two months 17 yr 4 mixed GCT,
2 IT
Tangjitgamol S et al [15] one ovarian five yr IT Developed another recurrence two years later and then underwent another surgery
Amsalem H. et al [16] one ovarian 12 yr IT NA
Nimkin K et al [17] one Ovarian 12 yr IT NA
Inaoka T et al [18] one Ovarian five yr IT NA
  1. GCT, germ cell tumors; IT, immature teratoma; NA, not available