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Table 1 Summary of the characteristics of reported cases of choriocarcinoma.

From: Primary choriocarcinoma of the renal pelvis presenting as intracerebral hemorrhage: a case report and review of the literature

Case Reference Age Sex Material Histologic type Serum HCG Tissue HCG Outcome (months)
1 [4] 54 M Kidney TCC-CC ND ++ A6
2 [5] 56 F Kidney CC ND NA A22
3 [6]   M Kidney CC NA NA D4
4 [2] 84 M Kidney TCC-CC ND NA NA
5 [3] 68 M Kidney TCC-CC High NA NA
6 [7] 60 M Kidney TCC-CC ND NA D1,5
7 Present 38 F Kidney-Liver CC High +++ D1
  1. A: alive; CC: choriocarcinoma; D: dead; F: female; M: male; NA: not available; ND: not done; TCC: urothelial transitional cell carcinoma.