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Table 1 The World Health Organization classification of PTLD.

From: Epstein Barr Virus-positive large T-cell lymphoma presenting as acute appendicitis 17 years after cadaveric renal transplant: a case report

Early Lesions Polymorphic PTLD Monomorphic PTLD
   B-Cell Lymphomas T-Cell Lymphomas Other Types
Reactive Plasmacytic Hyperplasia Polyclonal Monoclonal • Diffuse large B cell lymphoma
• Burkitt/Burkitt-like lymphoma
• Plasma cell myeloma
• Peripheral T cell lymphoma
• Large CellAnaplastic
• Unspecified
• Raretypes (gammadelta, Hepatosplenic, T/NKcell)
1. Hodgkin's disease-like
2. Plasmacytoma-like