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Table 1 Literature review of reported cases of HBL confirmed by histopathology in the sellar region

From: Manifestation of a sellar hemangioblastoma due to pituitary apoplexy: a case report

Case Reference Age (years), sex Symptoms Location VHL Surgery for sellar HBL Follow-up
1 [15] 84, M None Intrasellar (anterior lobe) Yes None, autoptic finding NA
2 [16] 26, M Blurred vision, headache, ataxia Intrasellar (anterior lobe) Yes None, autoptic finding NA
3 [17] 19, M Nausea, vertigo, ataxia Suprasellar Yes Total resection NA
4 [18] 19, F Headache, amenorrhea-galactorrhea Pituitary stalk No Total resection Panhypopituitarism
5 [2] 35, F Headache, amenorrhea, diabetes insipidus Pituitary stalk No Yes, details NA NA
6 [9] 60, F Partial hemianopsia Suprasellar Yes None, gamma knife radiosurgery Syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone at 22-month follow-up
7 [19] 11, F Headache, bitemporal hemianopsia, adrenocorticotropic hormone and growth hormone deficiency Intrasellar Yes Subtotal resection and adjuvant radiosurgery Headache improved, no residual tumor, panhypopituitarism
8 [20] 57, F Diplopia, sixth nerve palsy Intrasellar and sphenoid sinus No Subtotal resection Partial improvement of sixth nerve palsy
9 [21] 20, F Panhypopituitarism, diabetes insipidus Suprasellar and pituitary stalk Yes Total resection Stable panhypopituitarism, no residual tumor at 53-month follow-up
10 [22] 33, F Irregular menses Pituitary stalk Yes Subtotal resection No neurological deficits or pituitary dysfunction, stable residual tumor at six-month follow-up
11 [23] 62, M Visual disturbance Suprasellar No Total resection NA
12 [24] 60, M Bitemporal hemianopsia, panhypopituitarism Intrasellar and suprasellar No Transsphenoidal biopsy NA
13 [25] 40, F Oligomenorrhea, cognitive impairment Intrasellar and suprasellar Yes Subtotal resection and gamma knife radiosurgery NA
14 [26] 54, M Headache, visual loss Suprasellar No Total resection Partial improvement of visual loss, no tumor recurrence at five-year follow-up
15 [26] 38, M Headache, visual loss Suprasellar Yes Subtotal resection NA
16 [1] 51, F Blurred vision Pituitary stalk Yes Total resection Panhypopituitarism, visual acuity improved
17 [27] 59, F Fatigue, visual loss Suprasellar NS Total resection Panhypopituitarism, no tumor recurrence at three-year follow-up
18 Present case 80, F Headache, bitemporal hemianopsia, hypocortisolism Intrasellar No Total resection Headache subsided, visual field deficits improved, panhypopituitarism, no tumor recurrence at 16-month follow-up
  1. F: female patient; M: male patient; NA: not available.