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Table 1 Cases of orthopedic infection caused by A. defectiva

From: Abiotrophia defectiva knee prosthesis infection: A case report

Patient Age/Sex Dental procedure Location Microbiological diagnosis Endocarditis Treatment Outcome
Patient 1[7] 65/F   4-year-old total knee arthroplasty 16S rDNA PCR No Cefazolin i.v. 10 days, ciprofloxacin orally 26 days Relapse four months later: two-stage revision arthroplasty, flucloxacillin orally
Patient 2[5] 90/M two months before Knee Synovial fluid cultures, blood cultures No Ceftriaxone i.v., levofloxacin orally six weeks Improved
Patient 3[6] 75/M one day before Knee Synovial fluid culture, blood cultures No Penicillin G i.v. and gentamicin i.v. three weeks, Penicillin G i.v. five weeks, levofloxacin orally four weeks Improved
Patient 4[8] 51/M six weeks before Discitis and sacroiliitis Blood cultures Yes Amoxicillin i.v., gentamicin i.v. and rifampicin orally three weeks, amoxicillin and rifampicin orally 11 weeks No relapse (12-month follow-up)
Patient 5 [this case report] 71/M one week before 2-year-old total knee arthroplasty 16S rDNA PCR, synovial fluid (blood culture bottles) No Two-stage revision arthroplasty. Amoxicillin orally nine months No relapse (12- month follow-up)
  1. F: female; i.v.: intravenously; M: male