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Table 1 Synopsis of disease

From: Metastatic breast carcinoma mimicking a sebaceous gland neoplasm: a case report

Date Diagnosis Therapy Staging
Five years prior to presentation Poorly differentiated invasive solid ductal breast carcinoma of the left breast.
ER positive (60%);
PR positive (70%);
HER-2/neu negative
Ablatio mammae left.
Axillary lymph node dissection left.
Radiochemotherapy with paclitaxel.
No organ metastasis
At presentation Metastatic breast cancer of the scalp with the histologic appearance of a sebaceously differentiated primary cutaneous carcinoma of the scalp.
ER and PR positive;
HER-2/neu negative;
EMA positive;
pancytokeratine positive;
adipophilin negative
Complete excision. Pulmonary and lymph node metastases.
Two month after presentation Moderately differentiated invasive solid ductal breast carcinoma of her left mammary.
ER positive (30%);
PR positive (> 90%);
HER-2/neu negative
Ablatio mammae right with sentinel node biopsy right.
Chemotherapy with paclitaxel and bevacizumab.