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Table 1 Presenting clinical features of 7 cases of acute flaccid paralysis

From: Prognosis of West Nile virus associated acute flaccid paralysis: a case series

  Baseline characteristics Presenting clinical features Therapeutic interventions
Case Age Sex Co-morbidity Fever Involved sites Intubation CSF WBC (cells/μl) CSF protein (g/L) PT OT Antidepressants
1 55y M None No LUE No - - Yes No No
2 54y M Hypertension Dyslipidemia No Bilateral UE No <5 <0.45 No No No
3 66y F None No Bilateral UE and LE Yes 123 1.27 Yes Yes No
4 67y M None No RLE No 189 1.04 Yes No No
5 60y F None No Bilateral LE No 32 0.77 Yes No Yes (citalopram)
6 71y M Heart failure Parkinson's Yes Bilateral LE No <5 1.06 Yes Yes No
7 52y M None No RLE No 39 1.35 Yes No No
  1. Abbreviations: y, year; M, male; F, female; L, left; R, right; UE, upper extremity; LE, lower extremity; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; WBC, white blood cell count; PT, physiotherapy; OT, occupational therapy.