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Table 1 Chronology of events from onset of illness

From: Full recovery of a 13-year-old boy with pediatric Ramsay Hunt syndrome using a shorter course of aciclovir and steroid at lower doses: a case report

Day Event(s)
1 Sore throat
2 Sore throat
3 -
4 -
5 Resting head on hands at supper table
6 Face feeling 'funny', face skewed, inability to pronounce words properly, inability to move right side of face, commences amoxicillin
7 -
8 Commences aciclovir, headache, blurred vision, (takes aspirin)
9 Commences prednisone, malaise, ringing sound right ear, vomiting after feeds, (takes aspirin)
10 Fluid-filled pimples on right ear, earache and ear itchiness, altered taste
11 Malaise, vomiting after feeds
12 Fluid-filled pimples beginning to 'dry', vomiting after feeds
13 Nausea, no longer vomiting, headache stops, ear ache decreasing
14 Day of presentation