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Table 1 Summary of case reports published for intramedullary ovarian spinal tumors

From: Upper cervical intramedullary spinal metastasis of ovarian carcinoma: a case report and review of the literature

Reference Lesion level (enhancing portion) Time from primary diagnosis to spinal metastasis diagnosis* Surgical intervention Adjuvant therapy Outcome
Current report C2-C5 two years Subtotal resection 30Gy and steroids Strength improved; three weeks post-operative spinal epidural hematoma; died five months later
Thomas et al. [6] C6-T1 Four and a half years None 30Gy and steroids Strength improved; died six months later
Cormio et al. [8] C5-C6 One and a half years None Steroids, chemotherapy, 30Gy Strength improved; died 10 months later
Isoya et al. [5] T10 four years Subtotal resection Radiotherapy (dose not given) No neurological improvement; alive two years after surgery
Rastelli et al. [4] T11 two years Gross total resection 30Gy (10 fractions) Near-complete strength improvement; MRI shows no spinal recurrence 16 months on
Bakshi et al. [7] Conus medullaris and cauda equina two years None Steroids, radiotherapy (dose not given), chemotherapy Symptomatic improvement; three-year complete remission
  1. *Approximate time in some cases based on estimates provided in reference.