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Table 1 Previous reports of solid variant of aneurysmal bone cyst of the spine (modified from Suzuki et a l. [10])

From: Solid variant of aneurysmal bone cyst of the thoracic spine: a case report

Ref. Age Sex Site of lesion Presenting signs and symptoms Radiological findings Treatment Follow-up Outcome
[2] 7 M L4 Back pain, swelling, and abnormal gait Expansile cystic lesion in L4 lamina Tumor shelled out, laminectomy six years No recurrence
[2] 6 F T2 Back pain and palpable tender mass Destruction of lamina of T2 Partial piecemeal removal, laminectomy followed by irradiation (1.5 Gy) one year Residual mass
[2] 13 M T7 Back pain, scoliosis, and myelopathy Destruction of lamina of T7 with paravertebral mass Subtotal excision, laminectomy, followed by irradiation (1.5 Gy) three years Recurrence at 6 months treated by curettage and bone graft with no recurrence for 3 years
[4] 10 F C1 Pain and swelling - - - -
[7] 17 F T1 Radiculopathy Expansile lytic lesion in T1 lamina and spinous process Subtotal excision, laminectomy one year No recurrence
[7] 16 F T7 Back pain Lytic lesion in T7 lamina and transverse process Curettage and bone graft, irradiation (5 Gy) eight years No recurrence
[8] 9 F L3 Back pain Expansile osteolytic lesion in vertebral body, pedicle, transverse process, and lamina Irradiation (20 Gy) six years No recurrence
[3] 14 F C7 Neck pain Expansile lytic lesion in spinous process of C7 and kyphotic deformity N/A N/A N/A
[3] 8 M L5 Radiculopathy Expansile cystic lesion in L5 lamina and soft tissue mass causing L5 root compression N/A N/A N/A
[3] 6 F T2 Back pain Destructive lytic lesion in T2 lamina and small rim of cortex in left paravertebral area N/A N/A N/A
[3] 14 M T7 Back pain Destructive lytic lesion in T7 pedicle N/A N/A N/A
[6] 12 F T3-4 Back pain Lytic lesion with destruction of neural arch Excision and complete curettage three years No recurrence
[5] 9 F C4 Neck pain Expansile lytic lesion in C4 lamina and kyphotic deformity Laminectomy, curettage followed by C2-5 fusion one year No recurrence
Our patient 18 M T6 Chest pain Expansile lytic lesion of T6 vertebral body, left pedicle, and lamina, and left sixth rib with soft tissue mass in left pleural cavity Total spondylectomy T6 with left sixth rib resection and resection of intra-pleural soft tissue mass; circumferential reconstruction of vertebral column 16 months No recurrence