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Table 1 Review of the clinical characteristics, treatment and outcome of the reported adult patients in the English literature with Brucellosis-related pericarditis and/or myocarditis in the absence of concomitant endocarditis.

From: Unusual cardiovascular complications of brucellosis presenting in two men: two case reports and a review of the literature

Publication (Ref) Cases, n Clinical presentation ECG Echocardiography Serum agglutination test Cultures Pericarditis Myocarditis Treatment Outcome
Pandit et al., 2010 [21] 1 Fever, dyspnea, constitutional symptomsa Sinus tachycardia Abnormal 1:1280 Positive No Yes Streptomycin, doxycycline Death
Efe et al., 2009 [17] 1 Dyspnea ST-depression T-wave inversion Diffuse hypokinesia and ventricular dilatation (10-15% ejection fraction) 1:5120 Positive No Yes Streptomycin (3 weeks, doxycycline (6 weeks Cure
Khorvash et al., 2007 [20] 1 Fever, constitutional symptoms Sinus bradycardia High T-waves Septal hypokinesia, 30% ejection fraction 1:80 Positive No Yes Doxycycline (6 weeks, rifampicin (6 weeks Relapse
Hatipoglu et al., 2004 [14] 2 Dyspnea, arthritis, constitutional symptoms NA Pericardial effusion 1:320 Positive Yes No Doxycycline (6 months), ofloxacin (6 months), rifampicin (6 months) Cure
   Fever, dyspnea, retrosternal pain NA Pericardial effusion 1:640 Negative Yes No Gentamicin (2 weeks, doxycycline (6 weeks, ciprofloxacin (6 weeks Cure
Karagiannis et al., 2003 [22] 1 Fever, dyspnea Atrial fibrillation Large pericardial effusion 1:1280 Negativeb Yes No Streptomycin (2 weeks, doxycycline (6 weeks, indomethacin (2 weeks Cure
Colmenero et al., 1996 [2] 2c NA NA NA NA NA Yes Yes Na NA
Jubber et al., 1990 [23] 1d Fever, dyspnea, constitutional symptoms T-wave inversion Moderate hypokinesia of interventricular septum and posterior wall of left ventricle Negative NA No Yes Vibramycin, rifampicin Cure
Rivera et al., 1988 [24] 1 Fever, chest pain, pericardial friction rub NA Moderate pericardial effusion 1:640 Positive Yes No Rifampicin, doxycycline Cure
Lulu et al., 1988 [19] 1e NA NA NA NA NA No Yes NA NA
Ugartemendia et al., 1985 [12] 2 Fever, chest pain NA Severe pericardial effusion in both (tamponade) 1:320, 1:640 Positive Yes No Cotrimoxazole, streptomysin, oxytetracycline 1 death, 1 cure
Gur et al., 1984 [25] 1 High remittent fever Negative, biphasic or flat T-waves NA 1:6400 Positive No Yes Streptomycin (2 weeks, tetracycline (4.5 weeks Relapse
  1. aConstitutional symptoms include sweating, malaise, anorexia, weight loss, arthralgias, myalgias.
  2. bThis patient was already receiving antibiotic treatment.
  3. cTwo out of a series of 530 patients (one patient had pericarditis and one myocarditis).
  4. dDiagnosis based on high titers of antibodies by ELISA.
  5. eOne out of 400 cases of brucellosis.
  6. NA = not available.