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Table 2 Treatment management of ECF and outcomes

From: Adalimumab - an effective and promising treatment for patients with fistulizing Crohn's disease: a case series

Treatment ECF outcome
SOWATS treatment guideline (medical + surgical treatment) Mortality: 10-30%
Fistula closure: ~87,4%
Medical treatment
Alimentary tract rest
Restoration of circulating volume
Restoration of hydroelectrolytic balance
Nutritional support (optimal TPN)
(fistula closure rate: 89-92,3%)
Controlling sepsis
Wound care
Mortality: 5-25%
Spontaneous closure: 17-71%
Restorative surgery
Minimal period: >6 weeks
Mortality: 9,6%-10,8%
(sepsis-related death: ~15,1%)
Surgical closure: 52-90,7%
Persisting fistula: 3-50%
Definitive surgery
Minimal period: >6 months
(median period: 8 months)
Small bowel ECF Mortality: ~35%
Spontaneous closure: ~30%
Colonic ECF Mortality: ~22%
Spontaneous closure: ~85%
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