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Table 1 Literature review of 10 reported cases of pyogenic spondylitis following vertebroplasty.

From: Primary pyogenic spondylitis following kyphoplasty: a case report

Author Affected vertebral body Side diagnosis Age Bacterium Therapy Time from vertebroplasty until infection
Deramond [9] Unstated Immunosuppressive therapy Unstated No detection Conservative Unstated
Kallmes [10] T12 Immunosuppressive therapy Unstated Staphylococcus epidermidis Conservative 1 month
Yu [14] T12 Urinary tract infection 78 No detection Dorsoventral stabilization 1 month
Walker [13] T11 and T12 Urinary tract infection, cholecystitis, meningitis, diabetes mellitus 64 Enterobacter species Dorsoventral stabilization 11 days
Walker [13] L3 Discectomy after spondylodiscitis T12/L1 49 Staphylococcus aureus Dorsoventral stabilization 8 months
Schmid [11] L3 - L5 Liver cirrhosis, alcohol abuse 55 No detection Conservative 2 weeks
Alfonso [7] L3 None 63 Serratia marcescens, Stenotrophmonas maltophilia, Burkholderia cepacia Dorsoventral stabilization 1 month
Vats [12] L1 Diabetes mellitus, decubital ulcus II 73 Streptococcus agalactiae Conservative 6 months
Lin [15] T12 Immunosuppressive therapy, urinary tract infection 65 Acinetobacter species Ventral stabilization 6 months
Chen [8] T11 Diabetes mellitus, vertebroplasty T12 95 Proprioni acnes Drainage with subsequent vertebroplasty 2 months