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Table 1 Kinematics of the lower limb and the spatiotemporal parameters of gaita

From: Oxygen supplementation facilitating successful prosthetic fitting and rehabilitation of a patient with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease following trans-tibial amputation: a case report

  Patient 76- to 87-year-old adults
Cadence (steps/min) 73.5 108
Velocity (m/s) 0.29 1.16
(L) step time (s) 0.82  
(R) step time (s) 0.82  
(L) step length (cm) 23.0 63.5
(R) step length (cm) 25.0 64.3
(L) step support (s) 0.49  
(R) step support (s) 0.37  
  1. aComparisons are shown in the last column for 76- to 87-year-old community-dwelling older adults (Menz et al. [8]).