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Table 1 Summary of current cases and their clinico-pathological features of these tumors

From: Acute presentation of a benign cystadenofibroma of the fallopian tube: a case report

  Author year Age Clinical symptoms Surgical intervention Outcome Pathology
[11] Silverman AY 1978 36 Finding during tubal ligation following termination of pregnancy Bilateral partial salpingectomy   3.5 cm cyst with small papillary projections supported by central cores of fibrous tissue and covered with ciliated cuboidal to columnar epithelial cells
[12] Valerdiz CS et al. 1989 49 Incidental finding during salpingo oophorectomy for leiomyomas Salpingo oophorectomy WED after unspecified time cystadenofibroma
[12] Valerdiz CS et al. 1989 32 Incidental finding during early pregnancy salpingectomy WED after unspecified time 2.5 cm cyst with papillations- Borderline cystadenofibroma
[2] Gurbuz Y et al. 2003 48 Incidental finding in woman with leiomyoma uterei ?Salpingectomy   2 serous papillary cystadennofibromas. Immunohistochemistry suggested tumor was an embryonic remnant of mullerian duct
[3] Sills ES et al. 2003 Infertility, discovered during evaluation for IVF Laparoscopic decompression and removal of intact cyst WED after 3 months follow-up   Benign serous cystadenofibroma
  De Silva et al. 2009 19 Acute onset right iliac fossa pain Open salpingo oophorectomy WED after 12 months Benign cystadenofibroma of fallopian tube and coagulative necrosis of ovary
  1. IVF, in vitro fertilization; WED, Well enough for discharge from clinic.