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Table 1 Factors associated with increased mortality in necrotizing fasciitis [15, 8].

From: Necrotizing fasciitis following saphenofemoral junction ligation with long saphenous vein stripping: a case report

Patient factors Other factors
Age > 60 years Time to operative intervention (surgery delayed >24 hours correlates with relative risk = 9.4 (p < 0.05)) [8]
Female gender Inadequacy of initial debridement
Intravenous drug use Larger percentage of body surface involved
Diabetes with peripheral vascular disease or chronic renal failure Multi-organ dysfunction - the more organs failed on admission, the worse the prognosis
Other co-morbidities, particularly cancer, congestive cardiac failure, peripheral vascular disease, intravenous drug abuse, pulmonary disease Shock, coagulopathy or acidosis on admission
  WCC >30 cells/mm3 on admission
  Acute renal failure on admission (doubles the mortality risk) [4]
  Clostridial or vibrio vulnificus infection