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Table 1 Demography, treatment and outcome data

From: Prolonged high-dose intravenous magnesium therapy for severe tetanus in the intensive care unit: a case series

Case Age/Gender PMH Hemodynamic instability Inotropic agents Total Mg dose (g) Mg therapy (days) Additional sedatives/Relaxants Ventilation (days) ICU stay (days) Outcome
1 50/M Alcohol, IV drugs, Tobacco, HCV HR >110/min, MAP <50 mmHg on ICU admission NE 5 days 337 26 Propofol 200-400 mg/hour
Clonidine 2100 μg/day
22 30 Good
2 77/M HTN, Tobacco None None 277 7 Propofol 200-300 mg/hour
Cisatracurium PRN, Fentanyl PRN for 1 week, until Mg started
14 22 Good
3 30/M IV drugs, Tobacco, HCV None None 758 26 Propofol 300-500 mg/hour
Clonidine 3000 μg/day
28 32 Good
  1. HCV: hepatitis c virus; HR: heart rate; HTN: hypertension; ICU: intensive care unit; IV: intravenous; M: male; Mg: magnesium; MAP: mean arterial pressure; NE: norepinephrine, PMH: past medical history; PRN: Pro re nata (As Needed).