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Table 1 Reported cases of spontaneous regression of malignant pleural mesothelioma

From: Malignant pleural mesothelioma with long-term tumor disappearance of a local relapse after surgery: a case report

Reporter Country Year Gender Age Histology Previous therapy Patient Time to regression Outcome Mechanism
       Period of regression   
Robinson et al. [2] Australia* 2001 Female 54 Mixed No 3 months Died Immunological reaction?
     (with lymphoid infiltration) Unknown   
Pilling et al. [3] UK** 2007 Male 58 Epithelioid Surgery Unknown Survival without relapse Host response
     (with inflammatory response) 7 years   
Allen RKA [4] Australia** 2007 Female 61 Epithelioid No 6 months Survival without relapse Immunological reaction?
     (poorly differentiated) 5 years   
The present case Japan** 2009 Male 73 Epithelioid Surgery 4 months Survival with re-relapse  
      Chemotherapy 29 months Complementary and alternative therapy?
  1. *Case of spontaneous marked regression
  2. **Cases of spontaneous complete regression