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Table 1 Summary of reported cases of pineal glioblastoma multiforme

From: Primary glioblastoma in the pineal region: a case report and review of the literature

Author/Year Age/Sex Symptoms Radiological findings Leptomeningeal dissemination Treatment Survival
Bradfield et al./1972 53/F N-A Obstructive HDC, mass in post. 3rd ventricle No on autopsy Resection Postoperative death
Bradfield et al./1972 5/F N-A Obstructive HDC, mass in post. 3rd ventricle No on autopsy Shunt 27 mos
DeGirolami et al./1973 3 cases Intracranial hypertension, vertical gaze palsy in one case N-A N-A RT for all cases, Resection for only one case N-A
Kalyanaraman/1979 68/F Ataxia, confusion, urinary incontinence, upgaze limitation CT: HDC, calcified midline mass N-A Resection, RT 4 mos
Norbut et al./1981 36/M HA, blurry vision, Parinaud's syndrome CT: HDC, mass in post. 3rd ventricle Yes on autopsy (4th ventricle, leptomeninges of cerebral cortex, interpeduncular fossa, brain stem, and spinal cord) Shunt, RT 4 mos
Frank et al./1985 52/F Intracranial hypertension, oculomotor disturbances HDC, mass in 3rd ventricle N-A Stereotactic biopsy, RT 4 mos
Edwards et al./1988 12/F N-A N-A N-A Resection, RT, Chemotherapy 18 mos
Vaquero et al./1990 63/M HA, changing of behavior CT: rounded hyperdense mass with ring enhancement N-A Shunt, Resection, Whole brain RT 6 mos
Pople et al./1993 6/F HA, N/V, diplopia, decreased visual acuity, 6th cranial nerve palsy, upgaze limitation CT & MR: HDC, enhancing mass Yes on FU CT (frontal & occipital lobes, scattered leptomenges) Shunt, Resection, local RT, Chemotherapy 4 mos
Cho et al./1998 10–15/F N-A N-A N-A Resection, RT 6 mos
Gasparetto et al./2003 29/F HA, drowsiness, fever, dizziness, seizure, CT & MR: ill-defined heterogeneously enhanced mass with extension to thalamus No Shunt, Resection 2 mos
Toyooka et al./2005 49/M HA, diplopia, memory disturbance MR: irregular heterogeneously enhanced mass Yes on FU MR (lateral ventricle, pons, pontomedullary junction) Shunt, Resection, Chemotheraphy (ACNU), local RT 11 mos
Amini et al./2006 40/M HA, N/V, diplopia, blurry vision CT: Obstructive HDC, strong enhancement, punctuate calcification
MR: heterogenously enhancing with central necrosis, extension into midbrain
Yes on initial MR (cbll, medulla, temporal lobe) Endoscopic TVB, Resection, Shunt, Whole brain RT, Chemotherapy (Temodar) 5 mos
Amini et al./2006 43/M HA, disequilibrium, decreased level of mental status MR: heterogenously enhancing, HDC Yes on FU MR (intraventricular) TVB, Resection, Whole brain RT, Chemotherapy 7 mos
Amini et al./2006 52/F HA, N/V, diplopia, blurry vision, upgaze palsy MR: heterogenously enhancing with central necrosis, obstructive HDC Yes on FU MR (lateral ventricle, leptomeninges of brain & spine) Endoscopic TVB, RT 2 mos
Present case/2006 68/M HA, N/V, Ataxia CT: HDC, hypodense mass
MR: irregular heterogeneously ring-enhanced mass with central necrosis
Yes on initial MR (4th ventricle) Resection, Shunt 2 mos
  1. F, female; FU, follow-up; M, male; mos, months; MR, magnetic resonance; CT, computed tomography; HA, headache; N/V, nausea & vomiting; HDC, hydrocephalus; RT, radiation therapy; N-A, not available; post., posterior; TVB, third ventriculostomy & biosy