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Table 1 Summary of patient's clinical findings relative to acromegaly and the three hereditary cancer susceptibility syndromes considered

From: A possible new syndrome with growth-hormone secreting pituitary adenoma, colonic polyposis, lipomatosis, lentigines and renal carcinoma in association with familial testicular germ cell malignancy: A case report

Patient's Findings Acromegaly Hereditary Syndrome
   Cowden syndrome Carney complex MEN1
Seminoma X   XX*  
Pituitary adenoma (GH-producing) XX   XX XX
Colon adenomatous polyps XX    
Colon harmatomatous polyps   XX   
Colon hyperplastic polyps     
Renal cell carcinoma X X   
Lipomas   XX   XX
Lentigines    XX  
  1. XX: Classical syndrome-related findings
  2. X: Findings are less clearly established as part of the syndrome
  3. * Testicular cancers associated with Carney complex are typically large-cell calcifying Sertoli cell tumors or Leydig cells tumors of the testis