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Table 1 Immunohistochemical stains used to establish the diagnosis of the neoplasm, including the vendors as well as the clones and dilutions used

From: Giant atypical carcinoid of the liver with vascular metastases and local sinusoidal invasion: a case report

Antibody Dilution Vendor Clone
Synaptophysin 1:100 Dakocytomation --
Chromogranin-A 1:100 Dakocytomation DAK-A3
NSE 1:100 Dakocytomation BBS/NC/VI-H14
Cytokeratin 1:400 Biocare Medical AE1/AE3+5D3
Hep-Par1 1:100 Dakocytomation OCH1E5
AFP Pre-dil Zymed Laboratories ZSA06
  1. NSE: Neuron-specific enolase, AFP: alpha-fetoprotein, Pre-dil: pre-diluted.