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Figure 1

From: Ocular pathology of uncommon hematologic malignancies: a case series

Figure 1

Case 1. (A) Generalized conjunctival injection, chemosis and a prominent lesion with elevated, polygonal, hyperemic mounds and small hemorrhages are seen in the superior bulbar conjunctiva. (B) A dense infiltration of cells and several foci of necrosis are present, as is hemorrhage into the conjunctival parenchyma. The inset demonstrates pleomorphism and prominence of nucleoli. (C) Immunohistochemistry demonstrates strongly immunopositive staining for B-cell marker, CD20. (D) Gel electrophoresis reveals: (lane 1) positive bands are indicative of IgH gene rearrangements for B-cell lymphoma. EBV DNA is detected in the lymphoma cells. (Lane 3 = negative control, lane 4 = positive control). (B, hematoxylin & eosin, original magnification × 100; B (inset), original magnification × 400; C, avidin-biotin-complex immunoperoxidase, original magnification × 200).

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