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Table 1 Advantages and disadvantages of various management approaches in treatment of symptomatic right-sided diverticulitis

From: Acute presentation of a solitary caecal diverticulum: a case report

Approach, References Advantages Disadvantages
Conservative treatment [13, 15] Avoids surgery
Applicable for high-risk patients
Only applicable to early stages of diverticulitis
High failure rate
Disease recurrence
Diverticulectomy [1, 15] Can be performed through appendix incision
Low morbidity and mortality
Only suitable for solitary diverticula
Under treatment of potential underlying malignancy
Not suitable for large inflammatory lesions
Ileocaecal resection [2] Shorter operating time than right hemicolectomy Under treatment of potential underlying malignancy
Right hemicolectomy [1, 13] Definitive treatment for potential underlying carcinoma Longer operating time
Potentially significant morbidity and mortality
Over treats patients with benign pathology